The Digital Wax Videos T.V. AD says that your site hosts 15 minute video uploads. Is that true

DigitalWaxVideos.com hosts video uploads up to 60 minutes depending on how your video is optimized and encoded for the internet.

Do you have any advice for encoding and optimizing video for the internet and What kind of videos can be uploaded to DigitalWaxVideos.com?

Video name should not contain parenthesis or symbols, only words and dashes. Video should be a resolution of 1280 x 720 or smaller and should be of good visible quality. Any video can be uploaded to DigitalWaxVideo.com – Including Porn as long as it does not contain child porn, rape, and bestiality

My video was banned on youtube, Can I unload my video to DigitalWaxVideos.com?

Yes! You can upload your banned YouTube video to DigitalWaxVideos.com – Porn, Nudity, whatever, As long as it does not contain child porn, rape and bestiality

I tried to upload video to digitalwaxvideos.com but it didn’t upload

DigitalWaxVideos.com allows uploads of 300 mb or lower. Do not put parenthesis, or any other symbols in original file name. Only numbers, dashes, and letters.

How to Upload Videos to DigitalWaxVideos.Com

Click Upload Video, Name Title of Video, Choose Tags, Click First Upload Button and Then wait for DigitallWaxVideos.Com to process video and Then Click the Second Upload Button. Then you are done. Your video was just uploaded to DigitalWaxVideos.Com